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What’s Working Conference 3.0

The Biggest Conference For The Growth & Marketing Techies

Join us at #WWConference 3 as we have conversations around what worked in 2022, upskill yourself for the year ahead, and also hear experts thoughts on trends that will shape 2023. This is the end of the year retreat edition.

14th – 16th Dec, 2022
10am – 4pm daily
Fully Virtual, Join From Anywhere In The World
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It’s Been Such A Year!

In a good way, and in some not so good way. Can we get to talk about it all? Draw lessons, draw trends, celebrate the breakthroughs and get equipped for the year ahead. 

This edition of What’s Working Conference is a retreat (in all the sense of the word). It’s a place to come learn, unlearn and relearn, while networking with people in this industry. 

This conference should be that last big thing you tick off your calendar before you close out your year!

To The Growth and Marketing Techies Retreat!

Day 1: What Worked In 2022

This will be a session to talk about what worked in key business industry, here you will meet panels from your favourite ventures as they share key insight on their growth activities of 2022.

Day 2: Let’s Get Equipped For 2023

This is our masterclass day, Over 24 masterclass sessions will happen in different breakout. Here you will meet in house staff from the tools you use for growth everyday. They will share trends, best practices and hacks on how to use new features on your faviourte growth tools

Day 3: Looking Into 2023

Here, will talk about trends to expect in 2023, starting from some concept we have started to see emerge in 2022. There will also be sessions around important issues that partains to use as growth techies. Yes, we will also talk about relocation as a growth/product/tech marketer.


Everyday from 6PM – 8PM WAT, we would host a twitter space to talk through key discussions of the day, this is where you can share your agreement or disagreement on key things discussed, while also hearing thoughts of others! There will be lots of giveaways from our sponsors


Highlight From Past Editions

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  • Only day 1 is free

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  • Access to all 3 days

  • Access to discounts and coupons from our partners

  • Access to conference recording for you to rewatch and re-digest later (this is perfect for you if you will likely be busy at work on some or all of the days of the conference, but still want to get all the juice, value and insight)

  • 20% of your payment goes into the EZGrowthSchool Scholarship Fund to help fund school fees of talent who want to get into the space but can’t afford EZGrowthSchool tuition

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